The African Union

The African Union “Africa Rising Banner” is the symbol of hope for all people who believe that African Nations must reject dictatorship, tyranny, and oppression, and form an African Union based on Liberty, Justice, Freedom, and Democracy.

Flag Name: The Africa Rising Banner
Flag Motto: Africa is Rising
Date Created: In honor of Africa Day, May 25, 2012
Flag Colors:
Red: Blood spilled for Liberation/Blood of descendants
Gold: Mineral wealth/Glory/Prosperity/Idealism
Black: African Ancestry/African Diaspora/The People
White: Peace/Hope/Liberty/Divine Light
Green: The Land/Agriculture/Regeneration

White rays: Enlightenment/African Renaissance
Yellow rays: African global influence.
Green Africa on white background surrounded by green circle: Unity and prosperity based on Peace, Liberty, Democracy, Justice throughout the continent, and the development of green technology, renewable energy, and sustainable development.

Red/Black/Gold 24 pointed star/chevron pattern:
The ring represents unity of African tribes and citizens of every race, religion, and creed.
Black triangles represent Africans being taken from Africa as slaves, Africans leaving Africa as refugees, and Africans leaving in search of a better life.
Red triangles represent the diaspora returning and working together with African nationals to influence the African governments to become more liberal, democratic, and just.
Gold 24 pointed star represents economic prosperity through trade and political stability.

Flag Inspiration 1: The Japanese “Rising Sun Flag” and the “Meiji Restoration” revolution that propelled Japan into becoming a first world country.
Flag Inspiration 2: Adinkra Symbol Ananse Ntontan “spider’s web” – the symbol of wisdom, creativity and the complexities of life.
Flag Inspiration 3: Lyrics from the African Union anthem that say “O Sons and Daughters of Africa, Flesh of the Sun, and Flesh of the Sky, Let us make Africa the Tree of Life.”

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