The Awards

Teenovation Africa Awards is an award incorporated with the annual Miss Teen Africa pageant to celebrate and pay tribute to young people in our community for their achievement in education, intervention and community services. The award is dedicated to recognises outstanding achievements in all works of fields from the arts to entrepreneurialism and community work. This year award ceremony will be held on the 10th of December 2016 at EastHam Town hall. Categories are open to the general public to nominate unique individuals. To nominate please click below.


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Arts Superstar Award

This award is for an individual or group who show dedication or passion in the arts. We aim to celebrate the artistic achievements of young people who are showing inspirational commitment to the following art forms including: creative writing, drama, visual arts, design, fashion, dance, film-making, music, and photography.

Sporting Achievements Award

This award aims to celebrate young people’s dedication to sport. Nominees will show self-motivation in their efforts to achieve their sporting goals. Examples of nominees motivating teams to be the best they can be will be recognised. The emphasis is placed on the nominee’s proactive attitude and passion for sports.

Community Champion Award

This award identifies young people who have acted in roles of leadership and responsibility in their school and/or local community. Young people will be celebrated for their efforts and determination to bring about positive and progressive change within their communities. Nominees will have shown efforts to challenge injustice within the community and overcome it through campaigning or volunteering. Nominees will have demonstrated hard work in trying to improve the lives of others.

Educational Achievements Award

This award recognises young people who have done well in their Academic