Now you are thinking of applying we know you want to get started with the plans or understand what’s needed.

We will send you a full pack once you apply but here is a guide which answers most of our frequently asked questions and gives an overview of what to expect.

Here is our FAQ


Could you give me an overview about the pageant


my great grand parents have heritage in my country of choice, am i eligible

when will the pageant take place

What are the main requirements to enter the pageant.

When do entries close?

Am I eligible to enter the pageant?


I am travelling in from outside of London, how do i make arrangements.

Can I bring my friends and family to help me get changed and dressed?

Can I bring my own Hair stylist And Makeup Artist?

What outfits do I need for the semi finals

Can I wear a head scarf / hijab

Will I have to wear a swimsuit or anything exposing


I don't have a paypal account, how can i pay you?

How much is the fee for entering the Finals

When is the deadline for payments for the finals

When is the deadline for payments for the semi finals?

How much do I have to pay to enter the Semi Finals

How much is the entry fee

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