Vote: Gloria Amponsem – Ghana


Hello Kings and Queens, I am Gloria Amponsem,representing my homeland Ghana and I am your contestant number 1. I’m 18 years old and currently studying Art,English Literature and Photography in sixth form. I am passionate about using the tools I have such as music,social skills and sport to make a difference amongst the youth in my community ; these passions of mine give me the character I believe a queen should have, not for one’s self but for service to others and beyond. If I win Miss Teen Africa 2016 I believe I would obtain the platform I need to bring together all the young African kings and queens in the UK for a greater purpose. Furthermore, I believe that we all have a calling,something we are destined to be great in and if I become Queen I plan on helping young people to find their way and be inspired to thrive! Growing up in a generation where crime is constantly present I want to make a change and inspire success and unison.With God all things are possible. Luke 1:37.


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Contestant 2016