Monique Narh – Ghana


Akwaaba! My name is Monique Narh, your constant Number 3, representing the beautiful Gold Coast, Ghana. I am 17 years old, a budding Future Textiles Scientist, who is currently studying A levels at sixth form. Amongst multiple academic, creative and sports achievements to date, I have developed and enjoyed utilising leadership skills in running a choir, events and starting a business. These attributes resemble the makings of and true essence of an industrious Ghanaian woman.

Having had the opportunity to school in Ghana, I developed a deeper appreciation for my culture and history. Despite many students living below the bread line, I found that most of my peers there had a focused vision of their future and were clear of the steps to take to get there. Consequently, these students had a burning desire to learn and succeed while in education. This transferred to me and I hope to motivate other British African Youth to also persevere to succeed in the face of adversity.

Activists who inspire me include the late Nelson Mandela, Maya Angelou and Nina Simone. I believe becoming Miss Teen Africa UK will provide me with the platform to encourage and impassion British African Youth even more to work together, utilising their various gifts and talents to make positive change within their community and elevate ourselves.

Examples of my passion are my awareness and motivational blogs on Tumblr as well as discussions on their social media sites in which you can get involved! You can support me by LIKING, SHARING and FOLLOWING me on:



I believe that the future belongs to those who go into the world and make it and so I’m making a change within our community starting with a revolution involving British African youth.

#RevolutionBAY #MoniqueforMissTeenAfricaUK2015

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