Sharon Tolley – Zimbabwe


Hello my name is Sharon Tolley,I am 16 years old and representing my country of birth Zimbabwe. Ethnically diverse and home to beautiful landscapes and wonders. I have a passion for reading and writing which I am grateful to be able to do as in Africa, it’s unfortunate some people are not able to read or write due to a lack of education. Not only am I blessed to be of African heritage,but I am so honoured to be a finalist and have the opportunity to be a role model for the youth and inspire young people to follow their dreams. I believe in girls of African heritage having the same opportunities in life as men,and having confidence to showcase their beauty because we are all beautiful despite what society and the media tells us as girls of colour. By voting for me you’re helping me make my vision into a reality, which is to encourage young people who live in the UK to want to embrace their country of heritage in their communities.

Thank you.

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