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HELLO! My name is Isatou Jallow (aka. Ice or isaa). Representing, all the way from the west side! The Smiling Coast of AFRICA or better known as The Gambia! So a little bit about myself is that, I am 17 years old, to be 18 on the 25TH of NOV, shouts out to my winter babies!

I am a budding actress, dedicating most of my time to shaping my future as dramatic queen. From my early ages, the creatives arts have called out to me so I believe it’s only right to answer those calls, not only that, my childhood was surrounded by enjoying the great forms of art, be it music, poetry or even film. Many inspirations come from the greats such as Benjamin Zephaniah, the late Whitney Houston, Denzel Washington and two of Africa’s own Youssou N’dour, and the late but great Nelson Mandela. As I have grown I have learned through many of my own trials and tribulations as well as those around me that it is important to love yourself and everything that you stand for. For if you cannot love yourself how can you love the beautiful people beside you? That is why I applied and am ever so grateful to be a part of Miss Teen Africa 2016. The love I hold for Africa as this huge powerful nation could be equivalent to the love a mother holds for her child

My many trips to the Gambia, have taught me of the strength we hold, yet how underappreciated and disregarded we sometimes are. But I believe one awakened mind can set alight a few more minds until we have a world full of people who truly understand our magnificence, our courage and our culture.  

My main goal as a participant of Miss Teen Africa, is to encourage the future generations, push them to understand that it is more than okay to be African, it is more than okay to have thick lips and a wide nose and it is more than okay to be as dark as day, yellow like the sun or even as pale as milk because that is you and that is what makes you so very special. I want for the young girls and boys to understand that there is no reason to be ashamed of their complexion. That the truth behind their skin is more than a derogative term, it’s the key to success, power and so much more. I want to use this as a stepping stone so that I alongside the beautiful girls around me can understand and accept this, to make tomorrow a place of pride, acceptance and chocolate delight.

Remember Tupac said, The blacker the berry the sweeter the juice, The darker the flesh then the deeper the roots! Never stop loving yourself.

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