Vote: Roelens Oyourou – Ivory Coast


Salut! My name is Roelens Oyourou Your contestant Number 3 I am representing the beautiful Cote D’ivoire. I am entering Miss Teen Africa UK because I saw this as an opportunity to represent my country, on a huge platform. I love being African! Everything about it from its unique native languages, to the humble traditions, and the amazing, colourful culture. I am a proud Ivorian young lady and growing up in an African household has shaped me into a God-fearing, humble and independent lady.

Africa’s a place where we can be ourselves and remake ourselves in the image of our dreams, with no limitations due to its boundless energy and nurturing sprit towards its children. Africa is a place of so much hope and opportunities that have been stripped away.

I aim this year to be Miss Teen Africa to raise awareness of its beautiful culture empowering the youth to embrace and uplift their heritage and to let it be heard that we are more than our stereotypical poverty line, resulting in making a positive change work towards limiting the negative stereotypes associated with Africans.

I will also focus on working with our young ladies through encouraging them to look beyond society’s definition of “beautiful” I find that this is a issue amongst the younger generation of ladies out there who have felt like they don’t meet society’s expectations of what is beautiful, as they don’t look like any of the girls in the magazines. I will create campaigns that will allow our youths voices to be heard and my main priority will be to give back to my brothers and sisters, so we can work hand in hand in uplifting our Continent, our Motherland, our Africa!

i will be entering as a representation for our young women out there, establishing that being African is beauty in itself. Being a finalist in Miss Teen Africa 2016, I will be able to say that I have made a difference through working with our youth towards putting our continent in the best place it should be as we are the future leaders of tomorrow !

Contestant 2016