Vote: Sangwani Harawa – Malawi


Hello all, my name is Sangwani Harawa, I’m 17 years old and come from the beautiful land of Malawi. My Malawian upbringing has lead me to not only be a humble young lady but has taught me so much values of life altogether. One lesson I’ve been taught, is that education is key and without it, you’re just another person in a world full of amazing doors waiting to be opened.

With that being said, a lot of Malawian kids who happen to be full of passion and enthusiasm to learn, are getting their dreams shattered. It hurts me to know that our future doctors, teachers and leaders are being robbed of their education.
I have joined Miss Teen Africa 2016, for several reasons, but my main reason, is because I want to be an advocate for young Malawian girls and boys. Being young myself, I can relate with everyday issues and concerns that young people may face. Growing up in the United Kingdom has given me so much opportunities that many young girls and boys in Malawi lack. Now, I’m not saying I can change everything, but my voice cannot be stopped, the hunger I have for change will only help me more to ensure that the voices of Malawian children are being heard.
Voting for me would mean we’re getting one step forward to making awareness of the inequalities young girls and boys are facing not just in Malawi but in other African countries. Thank you.


Contestant 2016