Vote: Stephaine Ayeni – Nigeria


My name is Stephanie Ayeni, I’m 16 years old representing my beautiful country Nigeria. When I was born my mum and dad choose the African name for me of Imole Ayo it translates as the light of God. My parents believed from the day I was born  I was different, that i’d been set aside by God to fulfil a purpose and to make my life mean something. As I grew up they drilled this into my mind they pushed and they motivated me. But I’ve always thought about the children who never got told they were special. What about the young boys and girls that believe they are incapable of accomplishing something. I think about them all the time; and as I’ve grown I’ve realised my purpose was to help the youth, help those that are made to feel worthless in society because of their raise or gender. I want to be the light for those people in their hours of darkness. I want to host numerous conferences each exploring different topics such as confidence for the young girls that cry themselves to sleep because they feel they aren’t good enough and don’t have mothers or fathers to guide them, or even focus on gangs so young black men are aware they are 22% more likely to go to prison than the white male or even more likely to end up dead, I want to help run courses that help educate and equip young people in society with the skills they need to conduct themselves and articulate their points so they can be heard. I believe we are the future, I believe our voices are to precious to be missed. I’m going to open the door for the young, talented and gifted to showcase their spectacular gifts. I want young people to know their rights. I want young people to know the law. I want them to know the police aren’t always against them. I want them to know that the police are there to help however I want them to also know their rights so they cant be exploited. I want us (together) to build a community of strong role models for our children to look up to. I would love to be miss teen Africa because it’s more than a title for me it will be progress for our community. I promise you I’ll try my best to make as many girls feel confident, I’ll do my very best to help take young children off of the streets and make them acknowledge their full potential. I also want people to be able to say they are proud to be African just as I am, Thank you.

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Contestant 2016