Vote: Zarah Lyoubi – Sierra Leone


Hi! My name is Zarah Lyoubi, I am 15 years old and I am representing my amazing country, Sierra Leone. Some of my hobbies include singing and watching football. I am currently studying my A Levels at sixth form and hope to be a lawyer in the future. I am extremely honoured to be a finalist in Miss Teen Africa as I believe it would give me plenty of opportunities to help change my community by being a role model for the youth. If I won Miss Teen Africa, I would love to raise awareness about issues such as FGM and the lack of education for females. Many African girls are restricted as they have a limited education and they do not get the opportunity to make a better future for themselves. By supporting me in this competition, you will be helping me show African girls in the UK that they should be proud of their heritage.

Contestant 2016