As a pageant our reach is extensive over social media and our website as well as mailing and emailing consumers. We are able to bring your brand to the attention of up to 500,000 respondents worldwide with the use of radio, television and digital outreach to promote our events whilst also highlighting the support of our sponsors.    
Because we are not a nudity type contest and we are focussed on proliferation and showcasing of culture, talent and wholesome engaging activity for youths, supporting us is a superb way of being associated with an important and exciting project targeting Africans abroad as well as lovers of Africa.
Our sponsorship packages all offer the following benefits.

    1. Physical Red Carpet exposure to more than 700 attendees and up to 200,000 online respondents. This is achieved by placement of the sponsor logo on our red carpet banner which is also used as a backdrop against which photographs are taken.    Additionally sponsor logos are placed on stage footers and sponsors can have memorabilia such as keyrings, mugs, etc distributed to visitors.                                                                                               

    1. Digital exposure to more than 500,000 respondents who we target across Africa and the UK by SMS messaging at our cost to engage interest, increase traffic to view our website and your own websites.          

    1. Physical exposure through adverts placed in our event program which we will print 20,000 copies of to distribute to a variety of social hubs including clubs, shops, bars, restaurants and other locations across London. This will increase the exposure of your brand to as many respondents as possible who will be encouraged to trust your brand.                                                                                                  
    1. Digital exposure from contestants who will be photographed against backdrops showing all our sponsors.                                                                                                                                                                       
    1. Exposure on our facebook and twitter accounts which will mention all sponsors.                                          
    1. Yearlong digital exposure on our website by placement of your logo and a link to your website or webpage of your choice to encourage visitors to visit and patronise you.                                                                
    2. Yearlong digital exposure on our website by placement of a horizontal banner either in rotation with other banners or as a single mixture of banners advertising your brand in strategic positions on our website.                                                                                                                                                                  
    1. Physical exposure to our respondents, web traffic and fans via placement on flyers, posters and on the back of invitations to events.                                                                                                                            
    1. Exposure of your brand to respondents by displaying video interviews with your personnel detailing the attributes and USP of your brand and your appeal to an audience with African heritage                      
    1. Potential exposure of your brand to respondents from all countries of the world including business owners which can build your business to business trade, network and increase overall exposure of your brand.





    1. Sponsoring contestants enables young women of African origin to participate in a social, cultural and community pageant which in turn enables them to develop increased self esteem, confidence and a sense of social inclusion.                                                                                                                                        
    1. Sponsoring us will enable us to fulfil the social and outreach programs we execute all year round including awareness talks, advocacy meetings and visits and to continue to hold the pageant and reach out to the cosmopolitan audience the pageant attracts.                                                                                 
    1. Sponsoring us will enable us to fulfil our aim of advocating education for women by offering scholarships to at least one young woman to sponsoring 1 year of education for a young women aged between 13-19 in each region of Africa and in the UK.                                                                                                                                            
    1. Sponsoring us will enable us to reach our aims of engaging the public with organisations who wish to demonstrate and be involved in community and social engagement events nationwide.                             
    1. Sponsoring us enables us to continue to meet the aims of the Miss Teen Africa Foundation which supports Africans in Diaspora and advocates for those in Africa.                                                    


Sponsoring Starts from as little as £25 for contestants or to support the pageant’s charitable aims and you can also sponsor by gifting. We are also working to gain patronage and support from organisations who have interest in our key aims which include culture, social cohesion, social inclusion, education, supporting diversity, proliferation of language and continued engagement and introduction of Africans abroad to the wealth of opportunity and ways they can positively contribute to society in the UK and abroad.

We remain grateful to all organisations and individuals who support the pageant and its continuation.

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