[image_with_text_and_icon target=”_self” image=”2976″ title=”Pageant Coordinator”]Stephanie Umebuani is a Drama and Performance graduate from University of Portsmouth. She moved to London from Nigeria when she was 11. From the age of 12, she used creativity to express herself in this new environment and she stayed in it! These expressions range from performing in, managing, devising and promoting productions on stage and in film. She is a strong believer in following your dreams, no matter how small, big or unconventional they are to the outside world![/image_with_text_and_icon]
[image_with_text_and_icon image=”2978″ title=”Talent & Stage Manager”]Belinda is British Zimbabwean  Singer/Actress with a passion for helping people. She has previously performed in top London theatres including Leicester Square Theatre. Coming from a successful season at a Heaven holiday park, she is experienced in a rang of performing styles including hosting and presenting. Now she is focused on helping others find their purpose and fulfil it to the best of their ability.[/image_with_text_and_icon]
[image_with_text_and_icon image=”3004″ title=”MakeUp & Beauty Consultant”]

Abi is a fashion and beauty lover, with the calling of helping and empowering girls to be the best they can be. 2nd Princess of Miss Uganda UK 2014… Make Up Artist & CEO of Nubias Beauty Services , which I created in 2014.. As my own brand of beauty services… I’m also a lover of God, and I’m very religious… Have always loved to be a part of great causes and due to my experience in Miss Uganda UK, being part of the Miss Teen Africa organisation would allow me to motivate and advise girls…


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