Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, they can start as soon as as they get their franchise certificate.

The Miss TEEN AFRICA Organisation Staff will be waiting for you at the NIGERIA airport with the Miss TEEN AFRICA sign.
There are a total of 6 competition areas. They are as follows: Participation, International Wear, Swimwear, Evening Wear, Judges Interview and Top 5 on Stage Finale Question.
Yes. Contestants may compete more than once as long as the delegate has never been a Miss TEEN AFRICA winner. She must have remained single and fall into the age requirements. There are results of many pageants in which contestants have tried more than once for the crown and have won. 
Miss Teen Africa allows contestants to represent their ethnic country despite of where they were born or currently residing. We encourage contestants of mixed ethnicities to represent the country they identify themselves with the most. 
Typically no since airfare are expected to be either paid by contestant’s national directors or other arrangements between national director and their contestant.
Yes, there is but it’s an optional event. It will not affect the outcome of the Miss Teen Africa Pageant winner. Top talents during the talent competition night will potentially be selected to perform at the Finale Event. For talent approval, please email Info@missteenafrica.com 
No, contestants may not be married or currently pregnant. However, unlike any other pageants, to maintain the “Miss” title, contestants can be divorced or a single mother.
☐International Wear: A fashionable, creative, and cultural attire that best represents your country of representation. If you would like approval, please send a picture of your attire to Info@missteenafrica.com ☐Evening Wear: An elegant evening gown that you would showcase on a red carpet event. ☐Swimwear: A solid BLACK 2-piece bathing suit with a WHITE sarong.  ☐Interview Attire: Any professional outfits you would ideally wear to a job interview. ☐Opening Dance Dress: WHITE fitted cocktail dress (knee-length or above)
Yes. Miss Teen Africa contestants must be between the ages of 15 to 19 by the coronation night of Miss Teen AFRICA 2021 on DECEMBER 16, 2021.