Miss Teen Africa Foundation is a Not for profit charitable group

The foundation administers donated financial aid gifts and grants which support the following specific causes. Our title holders will be ambassadors and representatives for Miss Teen Africa Foundation, taking part in important and empowering activities such as giving speeches, holding tours and advocacy activities to raise awareness, support and interest in the social and ethnic cohesion in indegenes of African Origin in the UK and Europe, to improve and encourage awareness and cultural unity, to promote self esteem, self empowerment and continued education and growth of our African community.

Our Causes

Supporting one young woman from each of the 5 regions of Africa in the UK into continued education by supporting them with mentoring, connecting them with key individuals within the African community in diaspora to support them in their career choices and helping towards essential  tuition fees and books for those who are ineligible for statutory support. 

Supporting us to organise advocacy, to organise outreach days for youths from the African countries and talks and seminars about social inclusion, social awareness, self esteem, awareness of negative cultural practices, anti bullying and empowerment of women.

Donation of Cord Blood as an option for saving lives of those of African origin who develop cancer in the UK and advocating for those worldwide.

Supporting awareness of Down’s Syndrome in people of African descent in the UK and advocating for those worldwide
Supporting awareness of negative cultural practices which include mutilation, inappropriate cultural practices with children, tribal and ethnic conflict and other inhibitive practices which prevent social cohesion and coexistence.  Supporting our advocating of the continuation and preservation of African languages in the UK

Raise awareness of the importance of culture, social cohesion, ethnic and sociocultural unity, negative cultural practices and internal social stigma amongst those of African descent and to advocate a sense of pride and belonging in young women

Support individuals of African Origin by providing a matching scheme helping people in the UK who are disadvantaged and at risk of exclusion giving them a lifeline of voluntary support from within our African community that they can communicate with.

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