Our Rules For Those Who Win A Title In The Pageant

25 Golden Rules for Miss Teen Africa Title Winners

1. Decisions of judges and pageant officials during auditions and competitions are final. Entrants and Winners of titles will not seek legal action or any other remedy during or after the competition. 

2.Contestants must ensure that the information given on the entry form is true and factual. Contestants found to have given false personal information will be removed from the competition. 

3. Every title winner agrees to Join Miss Teen Africa and Miss Teen Africa Foundation towards supporting the positive endeavours that we are part of.

4. The manner in which the newly selected title holders conducts themselves should always be that of respect for themselves,  Miss Teen Africa  , and its Pageant Board, at all times during their reign. If at any time  Miss Teen Africa   Board and Pageant Director feel that any of the said rules or duties have been broken it is at their discretion to release the reigning title holder/s of her/their title. At that time it is required to immediately return all prizes to the pageant director

5. All newly crowned title holders must inform the Pageant Director of their twitter, facebook.com or any other similar accounts and any pictures posted on the Internet must be done in a tasteful and appropriate manner.   Any distasteful or inappropriate content may result in the Pageant Director’s decision to have you relinquish your title

6. For one year from the date of the final, the winners will not give any written or verbal endorsements commercially without the expressed permission of Miss Teen Africa. All rights for any appearances, endorsements, modelling, promotions, speaking engagements, acting roles, etc. resulting from winning Miss Teen Africa titles shall belong exclusively to Miss Teen Africa UK.  You must agree to refer all appearance requests to the  Miss Teen Africa for approval and then abide by the decision, should your request not be approved. 

7. All title holders’s personal appearances must be approved in advance by the Pageant Director along with any other photographic sessions or pictures taken or photos released with All title holders wearing her crown and/or sash officially representing  Miss Teen Africa  . 

8.If you are attending an event on your own time (in other words not representing  Miss Teen Africa   at a planned event) be aware that you are still being viewed as the current Miss  Miss Teen Africa title holder  and as such your conduct will be scrutinized.  If the Pageant Directors are made aware that you were seen behaving in a manner deemed inappropriate for a title holder, they may choose to have you relinquish your title.

9 .Commitments to appearances are important and should be honoured.  You will receive an event schedule and description sheet each month.  You must complete the form indicating what events you will be able to attend and return to the Pageant Director in a timely manner.  It is the expectation of the  Miss Teen Africa   Pageant Committee that you will attend every event and these will be kept to a minimum. If for some reason you cannot attend an event you have previously committed to, you must communicate this to the Pageant Director. If you are sick, please contact the Pageant Director as soon as possible to arrange for a replacement arrangement.

10. It is important that you write Thank You notes/emails to every person and  business that has supported your pageant.  These businesses are always impressed by something as simple as a Thank You note.  Please remember that you will be continually sending notes throughout your entire reign.  

11.Any online posts, tweets, emailing or texting which are deemed offensive, abusive, threatening or bullying in nature will not be permitted during your reign and any such occurrences brought to the attention of the Pageant Director may result in the decision to have you relinquish your title.

12. Should you no longer reside in  the United Kingdom, enter another pageant, or in any other way become ineligible, you must relinquish your title, crown, and prizes to the next eligible runner up.  The  Miss Teen Africa   Pageant Committee will administer this provision with the utmost integrity and sensitivity.

13. All title holders are expected to conduct themselves appropriately at all times, regardless of whether officially representing  Miss Teen Africa  or not. If at any time during her reign a title holder is charged with, or convicted of, a felony crime, she will be required to relinquish her crown immediately and the title may be offered to the first runner-up. If the first runner-up chooses to decline the position the title may then be offered to the second-runner up.

14. All title holders will be chaperoned by the someone approved by the director who is an adult and their parent/guardian/relative over 21 years old at any time they officially represent Miss Teen Africa  .

15. All title holders will abstain from public displays of affection towards men at any function.

16. All title holders must agree to be interviewed by the press (if required) and have their photographs taken without objection. Additionally title holders agree to be photographed and for the photographs to be used to enhance their image, profile and promote sponsors and Miss Teen Africa.

17. All extra spending cash desired by All title holders during her reign is the responsibility of All title holders.

18. Title holders must be available for all personal appearances and modelling / promotional contracts offered to her by Miss Teen Africa and their associate clients and agents over the next 12 months

19. All title holders shall not make any alterations to their appearance (i.e. piercing, tattoos, etc.) until the end of her reign

20.If chosen as a Miss Teen Africa title holder , you must agree to represent  Miss Teen Africa   with the utmost dignity and grace.  This will include attendance at the other Community Pageants, rehearsals, interviews, photo sessions, and any/all other functions associated with Miss Teen Africa Pageant.

21. Unless prior approval has been granted by the Pageant Directors at  Miss Teen Africa you must agree not to enter any other pageants while fulfilling your current title responsibilities.

22.When your pageant year is over and you have crowned a new Title holders, you will ONLY be allowed to wear your sash to events.  Only the current reigning Title holders is allowed to wear her crown to events.  Whenever you wear your sash, remember that you are still representing the Miss Teen Africa   and therefore must act accordingly.

23.You are responsible for supporting your successors.  The title holders must attend the next years final to hand over the title to the new winner. In addition, you will be required to assist with the preparation process for the following year’s pageant as delegated by the Pageant Directors.

24.You must make all effort to ensure you can Appear at occassional Photo sessions for  Miss Teen Africa title holders to ensure your profile is kept up to date and to ensure others know of the good work you are doing.

25. Wardrobe for  title holders should be kept up to date (traditional gown, interview suit, traditional wear) you do not have to make lavish expenditure but must keep smart and dignified.


We will endeavour at all times to make sure that we do not allow your activities to overshadow your studies, rest time and vocational studies including time with your family. Being a title holder is meant to be fun and full of opportunities to be a better person, to lead and be a role model. We will always do everything we can to ensure that this is the case.  If you ever feel concerned, never be afraid to speak to us and discuss with us and we will do our best to sort things out. We are there 24/7 to answer your questions, calls and to support you in all circumstances