Pageant procedure


There will be a audition and then rehearsals Held in August 2015 prior to the Grand finals in October. This will be to familiarize contestants with the process and to provide some coaching.This part of the pageant may be filmed and highlights will be shown on the night of the finals.  What is expected at the Audition:

1. Mini Photoshoot

If you are shortlisted after the Audition, This are the pictures that will go online before the official photoshoot

2. Catwalk

A short demonstration of your catwalk at the audition will be required. But don’t worry our pageant coach will be present to guide you.

3. Presentation

You will be allowed 2 minutes in which to summarise your reasons for entering the contest. And will be judged on

– Ability to converse , knowledge and flow of your speech

– Personality -10 points

– Presence and Poise    – 10 points


A panel of 4 Judges from all walks of life who represent the cosmopolitan ethos of the United Kingdom including being representative of the 5 regions of Africa will assess the final contestants and judge on the basis of poise, personality, and ability to converse. The judging will be divided into five divisions with a total of 100 points achievable.


– Ability to converse and knowledge and flow of speech- 15 points

– Personality – 10 points

– Poise    – 10 points

-Overall impression – 5 Points

Total possible: 40 Points

Formal evening Gown 

– originality –  5 Points

– Posture and Poise – 5 Points

– Stage Presence – 5 points

– Overall Impression – 10 points

Total possible: 25 Points

Evening Gown made from indigenous African fabrics, ideally fabrics which are specifically from the country represented.

– Originality – 10 points

– Overall impression – 10 Points

Total possible: 20 Points

Choice of Full Traditional Attire symbolic of country of origin

– Poise and Posture – 5 Points

– Overall impression – 10 points

Total possible: 15 Point

Talent presentation

  • Originality – 10 Points
  • Overall confidence/performance 10 Points

Overall Achievable 100 Points