Anca Smith of Namibia wins the Green Heritage crown.

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Anca Smith of Namibia wins the Green Heritage crown.

The audience cheered with excitement as Anca Smith was announced as the new Miss Teen Africa for the year 2023. Crowned in an emerald green tiara that symbolized this year’s theme, “Our Green Heritage,” Anca glowed with pride as she took her place as the ambassador for the Miss Teen Africa Foundation and sustainable development in Africa.

Born and raised in the vibrant city of Windhoek, Namibia, Anca has always been passionate about empowering women as well as protecting the environment. From a young age, she saw the devastating effects of environmental pollution and felt a deep responsibility to make a change.

As the event took place in Douala Cameroon on the 11th of September, Anca stood tall as the first Namibian to win the coveted title. Her victory marked a historic moment for the country and brought hope to young girls across the continent.

Founded by the visionary Yomi Adegoke, Miss Teen Africa aims to empower young women across the continent while celebrating African culture. Anca knew that she could use her new platform to support young girls and help them reach their full potential.

With determination in her eyes and a contagious smile, Anca promised to make a difference during her reign. She pledged to work tirelessly to promote sustainable development in Africa and inspire other young women to do the same.

Anca’s win marked a new beginning for Miss Teen Africa, and her unwavering commitment to promoting a greener future is a testament to the power of young women. The world waits with bated breath to see the change Anca will make during her tenure as Miss Teen Africa 2023.